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Privacy Policy

Your Privacy

In providing you with personal, family and household forms of insurance, both FMI and our agent are mindful of our responsibilities to conduct business in a manner which reflects concern for your right to privacy.  Therefore, we want you to know about our procedures for protecting your privacy, and your rights and responsibilities regarding recorded information about you.  As our customer, we want you to know how we gather information, how we protect it, and how you can help insure its accuracy.

What Kind of Information is Collected About You

We get most of our information directly from you.  In most cases, applications you complete give us all the information we need to evaluate you or your property for insurance.  The information we request is used to establish eligibility for insurance, evaluate insurance coverages, establish proper insurance pricing, and to conduct necessary marketing, product and statistical research.  Once you have been insured with us for a period of time, your records may contain information related to any losses under your policy.

In addition, you may furnish us with such information as your address, your email address, or your telephone number(s). It may be used to communicate with you and permit you to access certain information through our online account registration system.

You may also furnish us with such information as credit card and bank account information so that we can collect payment from you. 

We may ask an independent source to help us verify or supplement information given on an application.  For some insurance transactions, we will not request all the information directly from you.  In that case, we may obtain information from outside sources at our own expense.

The independent sources called "Consumer Reporting Agencies" are in the business of being an outside, independent source of information to insurance companies and insurance agencies.  If we request a consumer reporting agency to gather information for us, we will choose one that is discreet and impartial.  Should more information be required, we will ask the consumer reporting agency to prepare a consumer or investigative report.

Such reports are used to help us decide if you qualify for the insurance policy you applied for.  The consumer reporting agency may obtain information about you by contacting people you know.  The reports may deal with your mode of living, character, general reputation and personal characteristics, such as your health, job and finances.  When it is applicable, such a report may also have information on your marital status, driving record, or any official record of criminal activity.

On insurance for homes, buildings or boats, if we asked a consumer reporting agency to prepare a report, the agency will send out an employee to view your property and verify information on your application.  The report would contain information on the value and condition of your property, and would in most cases, include a photograph of your property.  On insurance for personal property such as jewelry, antiques, or art works, we may ask for a professionally prepared appraisal which would contain a description of the items to be insured and their value.  If we do request an appraisal, we will request it from you.  Appraisals on boats, and personal property such as jewelry, furs, antiques or art works, if requested, will be at your expense.

The information we receive about you from a consumer reporting agency will be treated confidentially.  However, the information collected by the agency may be retained by it and later shared with others who request these reports.  It will be given to others only to the extent permitted by the Federal Fair Credit reporting Act and your local state law, if any.

If we use a consumer reporting agency to prepare a report on you, you have the right to be personally interviewed by its representative.  Whether or not you wish to request a personal interview in connection with the preparation of the report, we have established reasonable procedures with consumer reporting agencies to conduct personal interviews whenever possible.  If you are not personally interviewed, you have the right to request that the consumer reporting agency provide you with a copy of the completed report.  Contact our agent or FMI and we will give you the name and address of any agency we used to prepare a report on you so that you can contact it directly to find out more about that report.

What We Do With Information About You

Information about you will be kept in our policy records.  We will refer to and use that information for purposes related to issuing and servicing insurance policies and settling claims, and providing you with information relevant to the products you have purchased from us as well as marketing information to you (including interest about other products and services offered by FMI and selected third-party partners.)

We will not disclose information about you without your consent unless the disclosure is necessary for us to conduct our business.  For example, FMI and our agent will share information about you in order to process your application and service your policy.  Similar disclosure may include:

  • Adjusters, appraisers, investigators and attorneys who need the information to investigate or settle a claim involving you;
  • Persons or organizations who need the information to perform a business, professional or insurance function for us, such as businesses that help us with data processing, marketing, or auditing;
  • An insurance support organization which is established to collect information for the purpose of detecting and preventing insurance crimes or fraudulent claims;
  • Persons or organizations that conduct scientific research, including actuarial or underwriting studies.

There are other infrequent disclosures which may be made without your prior authorization.  For example, we may give information to state insurance departments in connection with their regulatory authority and to other governmental or law enforcement authorities to protect our legal interests or in cases of suspected fraud or illegal activities.  We would also disclose information if ordered by a subpoena, search warrant or other valid court order if otherwise required by any federal, state or local law.

How You Can Review Recorded Information About You

You have the right to review recorded information about you contained in our files.  In order to review this information, write us providing your complete name, address, and your policy numbers.  Tell us what information you would like to review, and we will send you the information within 30 days of your request.  In addition, you may see in person, and copy if you wish, this information.  We will also give you the identity of the persons or organizations to whom we have disclosed this information in the preceding two years.

There are some kinds of information, however, that we will not give you access to.  These types of information are collected when we evaluate a claim under an insurance policy or when the possibility of a lawsuit, fraud or misrepresentation exists.

If You Disagree With Our Records

If, after reviewing the information in your file, you believe it is incorrect, please tell us.  Tell us what is inaccurate and why.  You have the right to request in writing that we correct, amend or delete recorded information that you feel is incorrect.

Upon receiving your request, we will reinvestigate the information in question.  If we agree with you, we will make the necessary corrections, amendments or deletions.  We will also notify those persons or organizations to whom we previously disclosed the inaccurate information of the change.  Insurance support organizations to whom we may systematically share information will also be told of the change.

If we disagree with you, we will tell you.  We will give you our reasons for refusing to correct, amend or delete the information you feel is incorrect.  If you are not satisfied with our refusal, you have the right to place a statement in our files explaining why you believe the information is incorrect.  We ask that your statement include what you believe to be correct information and why you disagree with our refusal to correct it.  We will place your statement in our file and send a copy of it to persons or organizations to whom we have previously disclosed your information.  If and when we make any subsequent disclosure of information in your file, we will include a copy of your statement.

Your Privacy is Our Concern

FMI and our agents gather information on our customers only in the interest of providing quality services at a fair price.  We are committed to the careful handling of your personal information.  Should you have any questions about what is in your files, contact our agent or FMI.  We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you.  Thank you for insuring with FMI.  

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