Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

By Franklin Mutual Insurance
Posted in Home Tips
On April 14, 2016

Spring has sprung, which means it is time to ready your home for the warmer months ahead by repairing any damage caused by the cold, wet winter weather.

Begin your spring maintenance routine by walking around the exterior of your house and take inventory of any damage or hazards. This checklist starts from the roof and works its way down to the ground.

  • Inspect your roof for buckled, cracked, loose or missing shingles. Repair or replace any damaged or lost shingles to keep your roof in peak condition.
  • Unclog and secure loose or leaky gutters. Make sure downspouts are clear of debris and drain away from the foundation. Improper drainage can lead to water damage.
  • Weather proof windows and doors to prevent warm summer air from entering and cooled indoor air from escaping.
  • Examine exterior walls and foundation for cracks or signs of movement.
  • Take stock of your yard and prune winter storm-damaged trees and landscaping.
  • Hire a professional heating and cooling contractor to clean and service the outside unit of the air conditioning system to help ensure trouble-free operation and cooling efficiency.

Performing routine preventative maintenance improves the appearance of your home and helps you avoid costly repairs later on – and that’s a breath of fresh air!